‘Covid cases rise for 2nd straight week’ – Hindustan Times

The number of new coronavirus cases globally increased by 7% in the last week, driven by rising infections in the Western Pacific, even as reported deaths from Covid-19 fell, the World Health Organization said on Tuesday.

There were more than 12 million new weekly cases and just under 33,000 deaths, a 23% decline in mortality, according to the UN health agency’s report on the pandemic issued late on Tuesday. Confirmed cases of the virus had been falling steadily worldwide since January but rose again last week, due to the more infectious Omicron variant and the suspension of Covid protocols in numerous countries in Europe, North America and elsewhere.

China imposed its fifth lockdown over about the past two weeks to stamp out a rise in cases. The nation is pushing to build more than 60 makeshift hospitals across its provinces.

A full temporary lockdown was put in place on Tangshan City, a steel hub in China’s northern Hebei province, according to local authorities.

South Korea’s total coronavirus infections topped 10 million, or nearly 20% of its population, authorities said on Wednesday.

The Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA) reported 490,881 cases for Tuesday, the second highest daily tally after it peaked at 621,205 on March 16. The total caseload rose to 10,427,247, with 13,432 deaths, up 291 a day before.


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