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Prime Minister Scott Morrison has touted his experience in putting budgets together in a speech in Sydney today.

But the budget speech quickly turned into an attack on Anthony Albanese.

“If you can’t manage the economy, you can’t manage the finances, then you can make any promises you like on health. You can make any promises you like on education,” he said.

“But you might as well have written it on tissue paper.”

Mr Morrison accused Mr Albanese of not being authentic, citing his actions from before he entered parliament.

“(Albanese) would go to Labor conferences and rail against the Hawke-Keating government,” he said.

“Now he has the gall and says he’d be a prime minister like Hawke. And more amazing, he thinks he’ll be a prime minister like John Howard.

“Give me a break. You can’t be prime minister if you’re pretending to be someone else.”

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