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Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin, the French and Russian presidents, had a phone call on Thursday to discuss the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

They spoke for around 90 minutes, but Macron did not come away reassured. In fact, it was the opposite, with the French government later warning that more tragedy should be expected.

What did Putin and Macron say?

Logically, the phone call was private, but later an Elysee official discussed some of the issues.

“We expect the worst is yet to come,” the source from within the French government told the media after the call between Macron and Putin.

“He is prepared to go all the way. He said the operations are based on the refusal of Ukrainians to put in place the Minsk agreements and on the denazification of Ukraine.

“[Macron told Putin] another path was still possible and that he was committing a serious error.

“We must now evaluate [the sanctions] we have already put in place and we are going to complement them.

“Today we have clearly established that the seriousness of what is at stake requires us to strengthen sanctions and to accept the price of sanctions.

“We cannot let president Putin believe that he will get Ukraine at a lesser cost.”

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